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Ordenador con dos pantallas en las que se están dibujando planos eléctricos con el software EPLAN
  • Study, design and development of electrical projects.
  • EPLAN ELECTRIC P8 with Professional license.
  • Preparation of test procedures, inspection points plans and their monitoring to ensure the quality if the equipment made.
  • Development and testing of prototypes..
  • Study, design and development of control systems based on robots. Programming and start-up.
  • Industrial communications: Design of control architectures based on Ethernet and/or field buses.
  • Customized solutions both at the electrical and control levels. “Turnkey” projects.
  • Documentation, remodeling and expansion of facilities, as well as improvement of their energy efficiency,
  • Brought into conformity.
  • Technical assistance
  • Reverse engineering.

equipment manufacturing

Cuadro eléctrico compuesto de varios módulos con las manetas sacadas a puerta de los interruptores de cada servicio
  • Individualized manufacturing, with wich we achieve a high degree of flexibility to adapt to us the requirements and deadlines of our customers.
  • Manufacturing from international standars. (UNE, ISO, IEC, …)
  • Segregation up to 4b, achieving the highest levels of safety in the operations and maintenance of facilities.
  • Every types of electrical panels:
    • Main and secondary distribution panel of up to 6300 A
    • Permanent, compartmentalized, removable DCCCs.
    • Control and automation panels.
    • ATEX panels.
    • Boxes, desks and control station.

electrical assembly

Varias personas cargando armarios eléctricos en un camión para llevarlos a la ubicación del montaje
  • Installations in large machines (cranes, furnaces, rolling mills, etc.)
  • Connection and distrobution installations (industrial buildings, generators, water treatment, etc.)
  • Lighting installations (industrial facilities, tertiary, outdoor lighting, roads, LED technology, etc.)
  • Communications installations (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, …)
  • Experienced team in execution, supervision and construction managment.
  • Upgrades and modernization of facilities.


Interior de un cuadro eléctrico con un PLC para la automatización
  • Study and development of control architectures for different processes, such as water purification, control of large machines, integration of new equipment, energy saving and data processing.
  • Programming and commissioning of all types of automata from the main manufacturers: Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Omron, Allen Bradley, GE-Fanuc, …
  • Programming and start-up of the main Scada systems: Wonderware Archestra, Siemens WINCC, Schneider Vijeo Designer, etc.
  • Specialists in industrial communications and field networks: Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, etc.


Una persona subida en una plataforma elevadora haciendo el mantenimiento de una farola
  • Proactive maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance.

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