Success stories

PROJECT : Alternator cranes. Hydraulic power station in Torrejón.

Electromechanical rehabilitation of overhead cranes of 85/15 t alternators.


Installation: C.H Torrejón

The electromechanical problems detected in the normal operation of these 2 bridge cranes made it necessary to rehabilitate them, in order to carry out maneuvers with a sufiicient guaranteee of safety, before the start of the group dismantling of the plant.

* Replace pre-existing power outlets with insulated busbars in the power supply of the cranes and by a cable-supported rack in the case of the trolley.

* Electrical equipment.
Change the electrical cabinets of maneuver and protection.
Change the control posts by others of new technology.
Change electrical cables and pipes of the entire installation.
Change limit switches for others of new technology.
Evide the control jumpers by radio.
Change rotor resistance.
Revision of engines in workshop, bearing, brushes,etc.
Synchronization of cranes, so that you can perfom the maneuver of the two cranes by manipulating the controls from one of the comman posts.

  • Elevation 85/15 Tn. , travel 88 meters, light of the crane 16.5 Meters.
  • Connection 400V 50Hz by receptacles with isolated rails.
  • Main switch 160 A with adjustable differential protection.
  • Main lift 85 Tn.
    – 2 Motors of elevation of 16Kw.
    – Retrofit by Altivar 71 frecuency variable in closed loop.
  • Secondary elevation 15 Tn.
    – 2 Motors of elevation of 10 Kw.
    – Speed regulation by rotor resistances, brake with eldro.
  • Translation carriage (Light 16.5 m)
    – 2 Motors of 2,75 Kw.
    – Retrofit by Altivar 71 frecuency variable
  • Translation Bridge
    – 2 Motors of 3 Kw.
    – Speed regulation by rotor resistances, brake with eldro.
  • PLC Schneider Electric TSX Control.
  • Control from desk with combiners in cabin or Itowa radio equipment..


Client: Taim Weser

Installation: Concentrates boarding terminal of Minerales en el Puerto del Callao.

The loader is the final end of a project with an investment of 163 million dollars, in addition to the loader that concerns us was built a pier, an access bridge and 3.5 km of conveyor belt. This infrastructure is capable of transporting more than 2 thousand wet tons per hour of mineral concentrate. Five times more than the previous transport capacity. Thanks to this charger, the waiting time of ships from eight days to only hours is reduced.

  • Manufacture of electrical equipment
  • Pre-installation of electrical room
  • PLC Programming
  • Scada for control and maintenance.
  • Commissioning of installation.
  • MT connection, 10 Kv.
  • Dry Three-Phase Transformer – ABB – 10 Kv / 460 V 60Hz – 630 KVA
  • Retrofit of main motors with Multidrive ABB regenerativo, 460V;60Hz
  • Elevation; 150KW; (STARTING WITH VARIATOR) 460V;60Hz; 1200rpm; 3P
  • Translation Tape; 15 KW; (STARTING WITH VARIATOR) 460V;60Hz; 1200rpm; 3P
  • Translation: 12 u.d x7.5KW;(STARTING WITH VARIATOR) 460V; 60Hz;1800 rpm; 3P
  • Nozzle lift; 11 Kw; (DIRECT START) 460V; 60Hz;1800 rpm; 3P
  • PLC Siemens 300 control
  • Scada WinCC flexible

Communication with port system with OPC


Client: Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia

Installation: EDAR de Lekeitio, bombeos y aliviaderos asociados (Bizkaia)

The sewage network of the Lea Artibai region is formed by the WWTP, the channeling, the pumping and the spillways. The Lekeitio WWTP treats wastewater from human consumption.

The construction of the WWTP dates back to 1985. Since its implementation, various updates were made as well as the installation of new equipment and systems.

The purpose of this project was the renovation of the existing electrical and control installations in the Lekeitio Sanitation Network, formed by the Lekeitio WWTP, together with the Pumping (Campo Futbol, ​​Puerto, Isuntza, Kinkozes, Marierrota, Karraspio, Ikutza , Grip, Endai I and 2) and associated Spillways.

SEI executed the project in a joint venture in which it participated 50%

Provide the EDAR with a new Motor Control Center integrating the existing local tables in the EDAR.

The Scada that previously existed in the E.D.A.R. is replaced. implanting a new Scada application of the complete Lekeitio System.

The PLCs are replaced by current PLCs, making a new programming

The installation of an operator panel (OP) integrated in the motor control center from which the entire plant can be operated / visualized.

In the pumping, depending on the situation of the frame, a new one is modified or installed, PLCs and OP are included. They are included in the local SCADA of the EDAR and in the SCADA WAS of Sanitation.

The ultimate goal has been to improve the functionality, reliability and safety of equipment and people.

Lekeitio EDAR:

  • Connection 1, M.T. 13,2 Kv; Transformer 315Kva a 3F+N 400/230V 50Hz. Interruptor motorizado 4P 630A en CCM.
  • Acometida 2, M.T. 13,2 Kv; Transformador 315Kva threads to 3F+N 400/230V 50Hz. Motorized switch 4P 630A in CCM.
  • Connection 3, Generator 120Kva 3F+N 400/230V 50Hz. Motorized switch 4P 250A en CCM.
  • The motor control of the Lekeitio EDAR is centralized in a single CCM that has 18 cabinet modules that control 120 services; uses the SIRIUS SIMOCODE pro system from SIEMENS, forming a network of 112 Profinet nodes.
  • The EDAR has 9 Siemens SINAMICS V20 frequency inverters with power from 0.55 to 37Kw and another 9 Sirius soft starters from 12.5 to 55Kw
  • SIMATIC HMI TP1200 COMFORT operator panel
  • Siemens PLC Control CPU315-2 PN / DP with 2 ET200